Experience Awakening Through the Heart Workshops

logo heart smallAttending an Awakening Through the Heart workshop facilitated by Nancy Valentine Smith is an experience that is pretty hard to describe. It goes beyond the mind and is for those who are open and want change in their life.

The workshops are about clearing out the stories that have defined us, the reasons we tell ourselves we can or cannot do something. The experiences we have had in our childhood or events that have taken place in our lives. It’s that voice in our head (the Ego), that can make life so difficult for us, these are all stories we hold within that are repeatedly played out in different ways in our lives.   It takes us to a higher place to help quieten the Ego and allow the voice within, your true self to manifest a new way of being.

If you are really ready and open to change, come on a journey where Nancy will guide you to a higher realm, where energy & frequency vibrations are high and light.  You won’t notice you are on that journey but as you listen to the messages and codes given through Nancy to you, your physical body will let you know as it gets rid of what no longer serves you.  Know that you are receiving what is needed in your life for change. Once you start the journey to awaken through the Heart, you start your own journey, changes begin to take place, sometimes subtly and sometimes in a big way, depending on how open you are and accepting of the energies given to you.  Your stories present themselves to allow you to release, so you are able to move forward.  Your fears & issues won’t disappear overnight, just like they didn’t manifest over night, but you will have started the journey.

When you leave the workshop, you will feel the energies physically, not everyone in the same ways.  Nancy provides guidance to assist you  in grounding these energies.  Be prepared and aware of the synchronicities that present themselves as you go about your daily life, act and allow yourself to experience the direction you are taken in.

If you resist the changes and the direction that is presented to you, don’t feel bad, it just means you’re not ready, but know that things have been set in place, for when you are ready.

This may sound a little “Out there” and what you experience is out there, yet it’s time to step into the NOW & allow the power of the heart to take its rightful place.  Have courage to be different. Here’s a video reminder of those who dared to be different, from the 1997 Apple Advertisement – Here’s to the Crazy Ones.

If you’re ready to change, book now and come along to The Experience of Awakening Through the Heart next workshop. 

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