These are the times of the Heart ways

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We are all attempting in our own way to move through these times. How do you manage? Do you awake some mornings feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and anxious and at other times excited & optimistic or peaceful & rested?  I often feel in these days, a quickening of energies, like strong waves of feelings washing over me, that have no stories nor emotions. These are the times where patience to self & kindness is imperative. Our bodies are trying to adjust & catch up to the many spiritual awakenings & changes within ourselves & on Earth at this time.

The Ego in its many forms & guises has gone into battle in varying degrees, on the Outer Stage, that is, the World & on the Inner Stage, within ourselves. If we can create a circle around our Self daily, of Trust, Peace & Resolve, without any agenda, then the propulsion of Quantum Energy will take you to the foothills of your Hearts Chambers.

Love is the Alchemical elixir that transmutes the dross, the ego. This process can only occur in the Heart Chambers.

Our bodies are also going through an initiation of self-realisation. Our bones, joints, legs, ankles & knees are literally releasing ailments & old injuries to step up to the occasion. The old is going.

We are all moving at a different pace & rate towards fully embodying the Heart Ways, the key is that we are moving.

“keep moving with stillness”

Do not be afraid to know yourself by Unplugging from the dramas in your life & on the Global stage. This is a step we can do, it’s not about being indifferent or you being numb, it is about choosing, even for a short moment, to be immersed daily in the Reverence of You. Through prayers, meditation, sitting in nature, listening to music, the things that allow yourself to be transported to a place, a space, where you feel a moment of balance, peace & quietude. These are the moments that create a platform to carry you into the Kingdom of the Heart.

In this space there is no need to use force of actions. When peace, surrender & trust within is felt, it creates a vehicle that lifts you above the plays of these times. When this state is held more, then you are creating without the Ego’s opinions & judgements…………. & then the heart will release its Revelations………”The kingdom of Heaven will be birthed through you, this is the Gift of your Divinity”
As the sparks of your remembering is activated through the power of your Heart, you will move into the Age of Miracles, that is Here & Now…………… Awakening through the heart.

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