Awakening Through the Heart

Sun Eclipse Cosmic TextureAwakening Through the Heart – is to come into Self Realisation, Understanding of the Divine marriage within, that is, the union of the feminine & masculine energies and so much more. To awaken through the heart is & has been a very difficult path to undertake, for some many lifetimes is required to move through this domain, this Vast infinite Landscape.

Mystics & Masters, the wise Ones, those who have found enlightenment whilst on earth e.g Jesus, Buddha, Zen Masters, know that to reach the doorways of the Heart chambers & then to Enter requires a certain amount of preparation & alchemical processes of the human Conditioning.

The heart is so much more than what has been revealed & what we know in its Physical function, emotional capacity, & its spiritual metaphors. The Heart is a Supernova that is beyond time, that has no memory, it is present, it is presence, it is Now…….

We have an opportunity due to the openings, revelations, of these times to truly step into the heart realms. The events of these days requires us to search & call forth the heart ways of living upon this Earth, for to do this will create a fast turnabout into a reality of Peace & Unity through Love. When we understand & move en masse in a focus Energy predominantly through Love without judgment & conditions, then the Commandments of our collective heart will be activated & enacted.

There will be some who will be called within a lifetime to start the individual dismantling of the ego personality to embark on the pilgrimage to the Heart, travelling through the terrains of the Self in its many guises, emotions, stories, experiencing the continuous awakenings & what a glorious moment when one decides to become conscious and clear, about her/ his path.

These are the times of the Heart ways and I invite you to join me on the journey to Awakening the Power of our Heart. This is the first of a series I’ll be writing to help you understand the Power of the Heart, and how through the “Awakening Through the Heart” workshop, you can experience it’s energy as it helps to clear your path.

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