A time to Clear, Cleanse & Release

Forest road. Landscape.September is the onset of the new entering, actions need to occur, the action is the clearing, cleansing, releasing. Whether with your home, mind or body it’s time to lighten up and create a new path.

We are lucky to live in a lovely home in a beautiful area, where I can walk into our house and garden & it always feels very private, hidden and at times, other Worldly.

This weekend we felt the calling to do a big “spring clean” of the garden & in the house. De cluttering, bagging up goodies for charity, releasing the old & lightening the load for easy movement, making space to move ahead. I could hear Mark busy in the front garden and stepped out to take a look. I nearly passed out but instead went into shock seeing our 3 metre high hedge reduced to a metre and a half at best, I started yelling out to Mark asking WHY??? …………..

20mins later…. Grace & I went out to help pick up branches, cuts & debris that were spread over the front yard, getting pricked by very sharp thorns that were on the hedge. I had to have a little laugh, every time we got a thorn in our fingers, even toes (little toe), a little blood spot/ letting would occur & a thought of times in ancient past, of techniques of cleansing the blood of poison.

Our job done, we sat on the porch having breakfast, no hedge to shield us, it felt so open yet light, then I realised, this was symbolic of cutting out the old to allow the new to come through. The hedge for me had represented being able to come home, hide away, rejuvenate & then go out again to do the Work. The time of hiding, of being separate was over.

September is the onset of the new entering, actions need to occur, the action is the clearing, cleansing, releasing. Whether with your home, mind or body it’s time to lighten up. Be very honest with yourself, recognise the parts of you that want to stay comfortable behind hedges, barriers or walls, literally or energetically. In September we are called to step out & share, to expand, to break through barriers that limited us. Balance this time by clearing & then stepping forward

September is a busy time as opportunities present themselves in many ways to help you step into a new consciousness, a new way, a new life. There might be a few out of the blue events that leave you scratching your head. They might not be very Graceful, but these sudden out of left field moments are just part of your timeline as you move suddenly to get you on your rightful pace/space. Spring cleaning regularly will bring ease. This is an incredible time to start experiencing the new reality of flow and incredible growth of Self, Love, Abundance, Peace & a balancing of giving & receiving.

I now like our new hedge, I can see who is walking by, I can see the trees on the other side, I actually don’t feel isolated or separated. I feel like I can step out into the new, this weekend was very symbolic for us, a house represents one’s Self & now I am not hidden.

Thank you Mark for taking action & cutting away the old, Thank you Grace for making a game of picking up thorny branches & Thank you Me for only being in resistance for 20 minutes……. September we are ready to Spring into the new. So please join me on my new journey of being seen as I expand my Work. September 21st Workshop in Brisbane & then Sydney on October 26th. Be sure to click here to subscribe & receive details via email.

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