Moving On

3556-backgroundsThere comes a time when one cannot continue the same old ways & patterns and that time has come for me.

This week I have been blessed to have my Father stay with me.  He rested so much, a weight of ancient sufferings between us from many journeys was lifted. My father saw me without the cloudy lenses of the past. We talked about the simple things in life, food & our relationship with it, about the weather, literally, it was indeed simple small talk.

What was profound was the energies that moved around us, within & through us. I felt strong pain within my head & body when I went into the space of wanting to fix him or our relationship, I realised that there was nothing to fix.  It was OK for me to move forward & be very happy, successful, abundant & so much more, it was OK & vital for me to take care of ME now.

This Grand Beautiful Man held a very important key for me & I got it! It was not my place to fix, control, determine or view him from the space of any unfinished business within. I wiped the reflection, I cleared the projections & by the last day of his visit, all that I was left with was a quiet feeling of gratitude.

When he got back to his home he rang me & said “Thank you very much, I feel like a weight has lifted off me, thank you for inviting me to your home”  An incredible week where we held the space for each other, sharing it, allowing, receiving, trusting & many chit chats.

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