Get ready to Soar

I am ready to soarThis month of August is about clearing out the old and purging old battered ways of being. It is a very intense time on many levels and it is important to allow the release by letting go of old ways, thoughts & to some degree certain connections & relationships. The process will be easier if you do this with without judgement or struggle, without listening to the tantrums of fear.

There are days where I feel like I am walking through thick, dense, grip like energies where my body feels heavy & very tired yet I can sense the higher picture. On a very deep, ancient cellular, molecular level a sacred reverent surrendering is occurring in my Soul.

Last night I was very busy, my house was filled with many beings and lots of conversations that seemed like meetings were happening. These are some snippets of what I heard:-

“don’t be lured into the battles of the ego in its attempt to distract you from moving ahead. This might be played out in the external world as disputes among family, neighbours etc. Choose to connect with your heart, presence, but not to engage in these battles”.

“you cannot go back, but at times you will stop & not move forward. These are the times you must be kind to yourself & be very aware of the rumblings within”

“Allow a daily dose of beauty, inspiration to feed you”

“Allow the shedding of the old skin, this is the middle ground where a emptying is occurring, some will feel a lot of Energies around the head, eyes, ears”

“Connections to Super Consciousness are being made. Every being is moving through this Avalanche of Revelation & Revolution. Mind your own business & Choose Love”.

“Stillness, emptiness, nothingness, this is a Profound Space of Divine Source working through your heart to Emanate Love” “Peace is the intention, we are in warped fluid landscapes, know your intentions manifest in many realities , instantly”

There were many more discussions, but had to Sleep, & I did, & then I dreamt ………….

An activation to help you through these times.

“I am ready to soar
And go beyond the visions I see.
Into the now I arrive I allow this to be”

©Nancy Valentine Smith


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  1. Oh Nancy this blog is perfect for me right now. Yesterday my old nun community in Spirit gathered around me in support and blessing for my new journey and said ‘Happy Endings’. I return to Avalon to where I started afresh, anew!!! Blessings to you as I take you in my heart. Love, Noelene

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