It Starts with a Whisper

PeaceRemember playing the game of Chinese Whispers, where the message starts off beautifully and as it is whispered to each person, goes horribly wrong somewhere along the line. Either a person wasn’t listening or couldn’t remember the message and so made it up, or in most cases one person decided to deliberately completely change the message.

Is this what’s happened to humanity?  Somewhere along the line, many of us have listened to or been influenced by the wrong messages. We’ve listened to the people who have changed the original message for humankind and we’ve taken it on as gospel. We’ve been whispered things like – life is about being rich and money will buy true happiness. Messages that we need to keep up with our neighbours, or that some people are above others or that there is only 1 true religion.  The messages go on and grow on and in our pursuit to achieve within these beliefs, we’ve totally lost our way and for many it’s somehow become a very loud what’s in it for ME.

“You must not lose faith in humanity, Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”
– Mahatma Ghandi

It’s time for this game of Chinese whispers to end as we awaken to the reality that we don’t have to be led by anyone’s belief or dogma. We all have the power within us to make the change, to get back to being caretakers of the earth and of each other. We CAN find the original message, it is in everyone’s heart; we just have to look hard.  As the Lakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse says “It will take all people to really come together with the heart with the mind. With what we’re up against, there has to be a spiritual unity”.

On Friday 8th August at 9am PDT (Sat 2am EST), a spiritual unity is starting with this event Global Peace Meditation. If we join in with the right intention, we can surely be led by this spiritual unity to do what the masses have done throughout history. But instead of being led by those we come to power, let’s be guided by our hearts. The power of a collective consciousness, it’s not too late, let 08.08.14 be a new beginning.  Seek out those who will provide the guidance to help awaken the heart and lift the veil of what we think is reality, to find the true power that lies within.

“Peace comes within, do not seek it without” – Buddha


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