Topsy Turvy Times

Peace WordsWhat a week of very interesting energies around us. It’s been a bit topsy turvy. Crookedness is a good description of this week.  On some level we are all feeling overwhelm with what is occurring globally about situations that are being revealed & events yet to come.

I found I spent a day bumping into furniture, it felt like I was growing and expanding my consciousness yet my landscape is still small. I am growing quickly and my physical self is doing its darndest to adjust, align, & catch up to the rest of me.

I recognise that there are aspects, parts of self that are going through confusion, fear & a battle of sorts, I don’t feel it mentally or even emotionally even though it is being effected to a certain degree, as I have said before, I feel it in the body physical. There is a grand amount of energies we are now receiving & accessing through the changes happening on Earth, in the Cosmos & in our daily lives as these enter our beings, bodies, cells it will shake the cobwebs loose, lift the tar from hidden parts within.  This is the Old stuff, stories attempting to exit from you.

I have observed, especially this week , in myself & others a certain occurrence.  This occurrence is the cameo appearances of these parts, for example, having intense cravings for certain foods, or feeling heavy in the chest & tummy, feeling bothered for no reason , constriction in one’s breathing.  There are parts of you now attempting to move into alignment. Crookedness is a good description of this week.  On some level we are all feeling overwhelm with what is occurring globally about situations that are being revealed & events yet to come.

If you can, even for 5 minutes here & there, be still, lie down, sit in a chair, or in nature, or in the bath to just focus and listen to your incoming breath & exhaling breath. This will centre you, & calm your energy centres that are working overtime.  I have noticed also that there are times where we are bumping into each other energetically so we inadvertently pick up certain feelings, thoughts of fear out there in the collective.

This week & the next 2 weeks are one of those heightened times. We’ll be holding energy as a group in next weeks workshop. In the meantime, if you can, these few suggestions will greatly assist you to keep your head above the mass consciousness that it is entering into a testing time.

1. Spend as much time as possible in nature.
2. Sitting in the Sun for 20 mins a day , absorbing the rays, eyes closed, feeling the warmth.
3. Have moments of prayers, talk, commune with God, Divine Mother/ Father, Source.
4. Feed your mind with messages of inspirations & triumph of courage & hope, trust.
5. Commune with nature, watch the clouds, listen to the birds, take note at the messages in the wind , weather, listen
6. Try to not watch the news .
7. Be open to magic. ” I am open to magic ”
8. Have some bodywork, a massage, Bowen therapy, Acupuncture, A swim, long walks etc

The activations I have post regularly on Facebook page , can greatly assist you in these ever changing times. Those words/ activations comes through from the ” codes of the Seraphim’s they have assisted me greatly during times of healing on myself, & in the Great work on Self.

Take note, there will be spurts of aggression, inciting behaviours, chaotic reckless & restless reactions in some external environments. Align to the peaceful way, path, feed yourself with visions , sounds, messages of LOVE , Peace & Unity.


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