An Activation For The Struggle Within

LavenderWe all struggle within and I know many of you are going through your own version of what I have experienced. I found this activation assisted me and I share my story in the hope that as you open your heart and your mind it will also assist you.

In these times we are called more & more to step into our own Sovereignty of Being. Of late I have experienced a bit of a struggle within myself, not in my head/thoughts or feelings even though to some degree it’s been affected. It’s more in my physical self, my body.
I have been eating so much, it’s like someone has given me the keys to a French bakery hidden in Marie Antoinette’s Courts. I have been obsessed with melting moments and jam shortbread biscuits. Eating heaps at night! Plus other arrays of Carbs that would march onto my plate & demand a meeting with me, to which I politely accepted. What was this about? I had to go within & sit with this dilemma which has been a pattern on & off on my journey and I realised this was an aspect of me that was birthed in the crucible of Fear, ingredients………
300 grams – childhood struggles
900 grams – Mum dying when I was 14 years old
600 grams – leaving home & school at 14- 15 years old
700 grams – Leukemia at 36 years of age while pregnant with Grace
800 grams – Leukemia returns at age 39 years, intensive care & 3 months In Hospital, Initiation, Death experiences ……..
1kg. Heaps more (don’t want to boast – but I will) 1kg of historical dis empowerment to forces outside of self, through beliefs, others,and places. I have been triggered deeply, at times feeling confused, and then I feel full of new energy and clarity. I am feeling more softer and kinder, more stronger with fluid boundaries
This is another level of the process of dismantling the old self.

AND this is what I hear, these words, I’d like to share with you, as you go through your version of what I have been experiencing.

“It’s time to shine your light so bright Love of yourself is your Divine right. You are here Now to experience heaven on Earth. Let love emanate from your being To be seen.
You are the trees, lakes, mountains, a stellar Star. There will be peace upon Earth, know that within you is a crucible of Love that is brewing, to be shared at the round table of your gatherings em>

You have been feeling this time through a part of you that is in Ancient fear, within you & collectively, in this month of July is the lifting of experiences of times of persecution, punishment, ostracism.

Allow the terror to leave your cells, love yourself at these times like the wise parent you are to you, You are moving into the fullness of your being, there will be moments that you will retrieve, assist, allow and Love the parts of you that are returning from the dark ages.

The fear of your Divinity, of your light, of LOVE
WILL not hold anymore “.

© Nancy Valentine Smith

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One response to “An Activation For The Struggle Within

  1. Thank you for sharing, Nancy.
    I find the long term perspective helps me release old stuck energies.

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