Cosmic Avalanche of Opportunity

time travellerThis weekend June 21st & 22nd we will experience a cosmic avalanche of frequencies/energies raining on us many doorways and windows of opportunity to expand will occur.
Under the Guidance of the last full moon that occurred on the 13th June we are entering a time of fast moving waves of shifting realities & consciousness.

In the next 3 weeks it will be obvious that on the World stage, certain events/plays will come to the forefront. It will be obvious that it is an attempt to keep the Mass in distraction & fear. There is nothing to fear, be aware that the plays you will see on the World stage & in your life are old repetitive ones.

What can we do?

Hold on to love, peace & observation in the next few weeks, allowing resolutions to be fashioned from love.
Meet these Divine energies with an open heart to receive, love.
When you let these energies of love emanate out of you, you are courageously experiencing your journey with trust, you will move into the Grandness of what is not known…….

Words to assist you – accept with trust

I Am a traveller that walks between worlds,
I Am a traveller that moves with many Stars,
I am a traveller that dances in many realities,
from the past I have come, from the future I have arrived & in this moment I stand firm, grounded, with my arms wide open,
I view the sky lit up,
there are many ships that have arrived to raise the hearts,
there are songs to be sung,
there are stories to be held
the movement of the stars will now tell,
I cannot keep still, but it is only in the stillness that you will find me,
I am everywhere & I am loud
but you will only hear me in the silence coming through,
I am not here for you to decipher,
I have come now for you to embrace,

I am the traveller that goes from place to place, Time to Time,
there are many of us moving through the byways & highways, gathering and weaving, shifting and lifting, some so small, some so tall,
the veils are down the doors are open, windows are ajar
Love is the magic key to change things quickly now.

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