The Library – A Love of Books

Library PhotoI love libraries, I find them warm, kind & I always feel reassured that everything will be fine & we will all get through whatever we need to get through???

I am in our local library writing this blog, waiting for my daughter Grace, who is researching Venus, her chosen topic for her school project on the Solar system. This library always transports me to my primary school library back in the 70’s.

I Love books, seeing them all lined up in different categories on the shelf, talking among themselves. Some are quite noisy, some are shy, retreating back into the shelf when you approach them.  I find the travel/world section intoxicating, listening to different sounds & languages as varied landscapes pour out, easing my itchy feet.  There is always a book that you will find of a place, people & their lives that are from an alternate reality, where you turn the pages & feel a sense of déjà vu, that another you is hidden in the words.

I remember as a child spending so much time in this place, moving in & out of doorways & realities. Certain books & sections of the library were keys to allow me to enter into hidden passages, where I would meet up with Olde Friends & sometimes Foes.  I would meet other Selves of me from other times, and many moments where I would get home & realise that certain characters or stories had followed me…….

You see, I am able to enter the hall of records or Akashic Records, moving in & out of that realm & its many sections. I realise now that some of my training & experiences during my childhood, especially between the ages of 7 to 11 years old, were held in the Library.

Some of my training/learning required me to move in & out of different realms.  For example, I remember spending 2 weeks in our local library during holidays totally obsessed with real life crimes of the 1900’s to 1940’s.   As I read different stories, I would hear & feel the beings & their torment, confusion.  I would go home & that night in sleep, I would be visited.  This was a time where I was in the Astral planes, learning to view without judgement.

Many times I would sit with Gargoyles & Fauns as they taught me about elixirs & different points on Mother Earths back (this is how they explained the inner Earth chambers). So as I sit here now in this library, waiting for Gracie, I look, feel & hope that there is a hidden doorway to other places (you see since the advancement with technology, Social Media, ebooks etc, a lot of passages, doorways have been boarded up or just erased).  So I turn within & wait………… I ask….. & there it is (massive smile) high ringing in ears, there it is (can’t stop smiling) found it, faint outline, yet shimmering, a door, in Children’s section!  – Journey to the centre of the earth.


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