Completion of The Mass Consciousness

I look around this ever-changing time, globally, locally & just what’s transpiring in my life –  Oh Boy!!!!

Blog May 2014We are going through Massive moments on all levels.
The Timelines are definitely colliding & collapsing.
What does that mean?  What does that look like?

Well, we are experiencing a very retro time in politics & consciousness throughout the world.
People’s lives are being shaken up, there is a Quickening occurring, the volume is high.  It is important to know that this is part of the collapse of the Old.  How we choose to navigate through these times is important & I recognise that it can be very difficult for a lot of fear & basic survival issues are coming up for many.

Stillness within has become my biggest ally, it allows me to see, feel & know Clarity so I am not swimming in a tide of Hysteria & Fear, even when the Outer paints a picture of Despair & Confusion, it’s not my Story but a collective one, that is now being disassembled.  Right at this time, the time frame of 1936 to Now, is being overlaid in the ethers of The Mass Consciousness, this won’t last long, completion is occurring.

It has been said many times that being in Nature is imperative, for that is a Doorway to beyond these many bombardments of change.
Without a doubt, change is here,  what lens are you looking from?  It is a simple shift to view everything & all from Love or Fear.

  • Spend some time in Nature,
  • Start detoxing the media lens of realities,
  • Listen to music that inspires,
  • Try & not get caught up in drama, your & others (if you are tempted, just watch The Bold & The Beautiful).
  • For something more, join us for a day of Sacred Songs

Stillness starts the process of unplugging from the Mind Matrix & then the infinite doorways to the heartScape comes through.

We are in a Time like no other. The World is your Pearl hidden in Muddy waters, Return of the Masters …….

What are your thoughts of these times? Love you to comment below.


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  1. I can really resonate with your words above Nancy. I was born into the start of the second World War; my father nursed me for an hour then left immediately for new Guinea. That separation has had a deep impact on me; I have spent many years leading mediation and conflict resolution programs as I became clearer that I came for peace. Soon after the war my dad was engaged in peaceful business activities with the Japanese. I feel that Maya Angelou’s death at this time is bringing new light to polarising politics and to the absence of the Feminine in the affairs of the world.

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