A Mish Mash of Energies & Emotions

SunriseI woke up this morning feeling a gentleness of being, I acknowledged & thanked the moment & as I did I felt a warm smile travel through my body.  Each day seems to be greeted with the ever changing moods of life.  It was only last week that I was going through a mish mash of energies & emotions.  I recognise that it is the old ways of being, moving out of my Self, out of my cells.  On the physical reality, it looked like this …..
Not being able to tolerate certain conversations,  especially those based in fear and emotional dramas, whether mine or others.
Change of eating habits & of sleep
At times a need for simple, concise moments.
And then it changes and I feel the need to be in stillness.  I feel a distancing within, to many outer moments that are occurring naturally without judgement, a shift in Consciousness, having more moments of heart rather than of head & then the days of old come up & hit hard & I hear the battles within of old selves, complaining, wanting assurance, guarantees, some in resistance, wanting to throw the towel in, hearing that it’s all crap & what’s the point, when are things going to manifest & maybe this is all some cosmic joke, I don’t have answers for these parts within, I just observe & when it becomes overwhelming I go for long walks, eat well, [try to] be in nature, listen to Grace’s fantastic stories of being 9, really listening.

These parts come up more & more as one moves into a new state of Being,  Light Beingness. It’s not for me to process or solve the unsolvable mystery of my human conditioning at this time (everything has a time) that would be a distraction & a ploy of My ego Self to stay in the old way of myself.

Each workshop I do seems to be a check point, where we all gather to release, receive very powerful, tangible energies, to assist & quicken the Awakening that continues for days/weeks.

This Great Work on Self never stops.  I have always been acutely aware & present that each moment, experience, choice is about the Great Work on Self.  What is remarkably so different now, is that my heart is moving into the directors seat, it is my guide. Clarity is felt & judgement of self is rapidly lessening.  My head is slowly moving into its rightful place of being an ally.

Our life is the Mystery School. There are no mistakes, we are fashioned from the stars, we are the World.  You are the change that you are calling for, so if you are feeling the mish mash of energies & emotions, I hope you will join me in the next workshop. To quote from the song by Michael Franti & Spearhead “it’s never too late to start over again”


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One response to “A Mish Mash of Energies & Emotions

  1. Rina

    Thanks Nanc for putting on paper what I’ve been feeling!
    Especially…. “Not being able to tolerate certain conversations, especially those based in fear and emotional dramas, whether mine or others.”

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