A Workshop filled with Alchemical, Shamanic moments.

What's in a workshopI recently facilitated a workshop called “The Way of the heart”.  It was a day of bringing through very high energies in its frequency, a day of shape shifting & co creating with all participants.

People often ask, what they can expect in my workshops.
It’s difficult to describe as what occurs on these days goes beyond the mind.  Each workshop is different and as I am a vessel, a channel for the energies, I am open to the process of the day.  I have a very small indication of what will be presented on the day as most times I have no idea till we are all gathered in the moment.  It is the overall needs of the participants that define what will be delivered through me.  We bypass a lot of head stuff .

This workshop in particular was very different & strong in its downpour of Energies, its feel was to assist people into moving, opening, expanding from the heart, a quickening, a fast tracking. For 6 to 7 hours we were all transported to other realms, our energy fields expand & one can experience a tangible time of the unseen, if willing to allow the ego to have a day off. It was a day filled with Alchemical , Shamanic moments.

In this workshop, there was a lot of expansion occurring, so we were able to receive. The day was deeply moving in that many times we truly were able to see from our hearts. Revelations, movement, giving, receiving & love. A journey definitely, an intricate, subtle powerful one through the heart chambers. I am still feeling the effects & I am experiencing the shifts within still.

I have asked a few people who attended to share their experience of this day.

Katrina Flokis says:
“On Sunday the 27th of April 2014, I was invited to participate in a channeled healing work shop lead by Nancy Valentine Smith and her amazing team. It was a day I will never forget. Within minutes of bringing through the divine energies that Nancy works with and also our own guides, our hearts began to open to receiving the healing required. The day was about releasing and letting go of the mind and working with our hearts. To date I have completed many modalities of healing, have sat on mediumship platform for past 6 years and am actively involved with a healing group, but the shifts that occurred from this day within myself have been miraculous and life changing. The vibrations and frequencies that are bought through by Nancy are truly ethereal. If you wish to grow as a person, spiritual, mentally or emotionally I encourage you to take a leap of faith and allow your hearts to open to receiving this divine gift that Nancy chooses to openly share.
Blessings to you all Love & Light”
Katrina Flokis.

Noelene Kelly says:
“As one who has been on the spiritual path for many years, I find that Nancy has a rare and precious gift; indeed an outstanding gift. In her workshops and sessions she becomes a unique bridge between this and other realms. She channels the Ascended Masters in a way that is authentic, transforming and deeply moving; it is obvious that while she has a general theme and inspired offerings before the workshops, she stands courageously open to receive and download pertinent messages when she is face to face with a particular person or group. She is pure, humble and as light as a feather in her mediation of the Divine”.
Noelene Kelly, M.A. Dip. Ed.
Transformational Coach

We are in the process of scheduling more workshops so I look forward to going beyond the beyond with you.  Subscribe to ensure you receive my email as the workshops come up and if you have any questions, please complete the Contact Form.

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May 6, 2014 · 5:35 pm

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