Through a childs eyes

Nanc childI have always been able to see beyond the veil of this physical reality.

My earliest memories was when I was 3 years old sitting outside on a mat in the Sun. The air seemed to fade in and out and suddenly before me, were beings of 3 or 4 feet tall, willowy, spindly, long faces and very pointy ears. They are what I know now to be elves. I would spend many of my moments with these beings, it wasn’t all glittery and cute. Lets just say, I wasn’t hanging out with Tinkerbell, making magical wings.

Many times I was taken to places where I was shown the inner Earth.
I was also visited by people that had crossed over. Relatives and many people that I did not know, from places that I had no way of knowing. For example, I would sometimes have a vision of a cabin, a family getting into a car, driving on a road in the snow with pine trees around or, I would have a vision of a woman with long, red hair in a kitchen laughing and then she would suddenly stop and look in my direction. This was wacky because I was a small child living in Fiji, with no access to what was happening in the world, only what was happening in my island backyard.

Many, many experiences occurred as a child, that had my parents and some family members bewildered…I’m sure a lot of prayers were said for me. I was also visited by Angelic beings and what I used to call the “big lights.” Looking back, I realise that these were my formative years as a messenger. I was able to go to many dimensions of the Spiritual world, high and low, as part of my learning/education of the mysteries.

Between the ages of 7-11, I spent time in the Halls of Learning. It was a time of recalling and remembering. This was the time also, where I would travel in dream state and vision state to different councils. Suddenly, I would be sitting in a gathering of Elders/Shamans. I would look down and realise I was a firefly. One of the Shamans suddenly looked towards me and gave me the biggest smile (to this day, I’m not sure if he was opening his mouth really wide…to play a trick on me), but when this realisation occurred, I was back in my physical body, in bed. It would be many, many years later in my early thirties, that I would meet one of these Elders.

I would have these experiences and journeys often, and sometimes nightly for a while. Some were profound and mystical, where Yeshua (Jesus) would visit and guide me. Others, were frightening and challenging.

My Mother was a gentle guide. She seemed to know what I was experiencing. She would hold me and not stop these experiences from happening, when I went into some dark places to help a soul who was stuck.

When it was the right time, I would hear my Mothers voice in the distance saying “Nancy come back , Nanna…come back.”

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  1. Diana

    Thank you for Being your Divine self and sharing your knowingness to benefit all on our journey back to oneness.

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