red flower imageIn the light of all that is, we have come here to assist.

The greatest wounding that brings many into despair, distress and discord, is the core wounding of separation, separation from the truth and Divine source within.

It is in this great time, that we have the opportunity to align to our mastery self. This is not a path for the faint hearted, but there are many who will choose to awaken at this time.

The landscape that one chooses to step into is always charged with unlimited possibilities.

To experience specific frequencies held in the cells, hold the wisdom that you create your reality from the data held within your cells. Then, you can uncover and release on all levels, the illusion of separation.

Indeed, we are all equal in the truth of it all. Indeed, we are all one in the beauty of it all.

Until the data and consciousness of a master outside of self has been deleted from the records of archaic laws within, the consciousness of enslavement and disempowerment will continue to play out in your reality.

Remove the veil of illusion that you are separate from all that is. Let judgement be demoted from your governing bodies.

Know that your reality is a creation of unconditional love of self or a separation from self.

You are a great being awakening, and as you do, there will be parts of self, aspects that will struggle, argue, and find it difficult to shift from the rigidity of fear. Be the wayshower to these parts. Step into the aspects of higher consciousness for the tribe within who are in fear, to move to higher grounds.

Do the work within and by the Divine law of vibrations, reality on the outer will respond.

You are an unlimited being, with unlimited potential that can choose from unlimited possibilities.

As we approach these moments of potency upon this timeline, the polarities will be shifted, no one will be lost or abandoned, some will choose to remember and some will choose the old ways of being. All is well, no matter the choice.

For we move in the circle.

We are returning to the circle, and like the great wizards of long ago, we are moving backwards within the circle, to bring our future selves into the merging.


© Nancy Valentine Smith

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