Divine Feminine

red flower imageThere is a great opportunity for the golden magenta light of the Divine Feminine to cascade upon Mother Earth. As this door is opened, the Divine Feminine, Sacred in her Goddess songs, will permeate in all facets of reality.

Ochre red grounding the golden Ra central Sun, alighting.

The Divine Sacred Feminine is awakening, is birthing, is being freed from the underworld, from the caves of Mother Earth, from the cells of the ancient trees, from the sequence of sacred geometry within the rivers, from the howl of the great Mountains. She is emerging, she is within you, she is the flow, the creativity, the nurturing and the nourishment.

It is through this opening of the Feminine, that the planet will balance and right itself. For the time of dogmatic, fear based beliefs grounded in documents from the fall of Atlantis, will be dug out and cleansed with relief.

Nothing has been, an accident. To truly remember, receive and step into the glory of the Kingdom of heaven on Earth on all levels, we have had to experience this grand illusion of separation, of smallness, of darkness, and through this the polarities will shift.

Stay within your heart. Feel the presence of Mother constantly with you. Let nature guide you to this union. Do not be fooled at the illusions being played out on the World stage.

There is a warm fire she has lit in your belly, a feast of Divine love set at the altar of you heart. The ancient Mothers and Galactic Mothers have gathered to weave a blanket of vigil, as they chant each and every name.

Hold the space of love in all visions coming through. Choose light, peace, joy and the innate truth of goodness in all experiences and beings upon Earth. See the light in the darkest corner. We are all one. It will cause a ripple in the mindset of many.

The way of the Divine Feminine.

© Nancy Valentine Smith

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